Jerry Wright

With all the changes in the lending industry, you need a time-tested mortgage advisor. With Jerry Wright’s proven track record and product knowledge, that is what you will receive. There are several programs that the government and private sector have implemented in order to deal with the current financial crisis and credit crunch. Jerry understands these programs and can let you know what loan program suits your current and future needs.

Be Advised, NOT SOLD!

This is more than a slogan to Jerry – it is a philosophy that has allowed him to remain successful in this industry during the chaos and turmoil of the recent credit crisis.

The meltdown of the mortgage industry was created in part because so many traditional loan officers treated a mortgage transaction like the process for buying a used car. They would sell you on loan products that may not have been fitting to your situation, often leading to a loan that you didn’t understand or even want. Often, they were only interested in what the loan would do for them – not for you. Most people know that feeling of being sold. It is not a good feeling, and it almost never ends well for the consumer.

Jerry believes that his job as a mortgage advisor is to provide great advice based on sound, time-tested financial strategies. He strives to recommend a loan that is not only beneficial to his client today, but one that takes into account his client’s goals and dreams for the future.

Jerry has been involved in finance for over ten years. Before that, he was a firefighter for 16 years. He was born and raised right here in Snohomish County.

Fairway Independent Mortgage sets an extremely high standard for the mortgage industry in both production and customer service. Feel free to stop by and experience Fairway in action.